Sometime in the 2000s, I registered the domain name xanada.org. I thought one day I might make a site with some kind of Canadian content on it. A vague concept, paired with a fondness for daydreaming over disciplined commitment to projects, led to many years going by. Many years and many annual domain name renewals. Maybe $500 worth by now. If I’d just taken that amount up front and bought Google stock when it went public, today I’d have $17,644.63. Life is hilarious.

Anyway, over the last few elections, I’ve been paying more attention to how the resulting parliament is a poor reflection of how Canadians voted. I’ve read very little about the various types of proportional representation, so I’m not advocating for a specific form, I just believe we need something other than FPTP.

So that’s Xanada, for now: results from federal and provincial elections, and some notes and charts exploring some of the issues with FPTP. I’ll try to grow the site a little more, before another twenty years go by.

— Geoffrey Weeks, November 2022


When I’m not daydreaming about websites that I take twenty years to launch, I make a living doing information architecture and user experience design. If you’re interested, you can learn more over at documentone.org.