Privacy Policy

The site doesn’t directly collect any information about you or your visits to The site does not solicit comments, or offer a newsletter, so your email is not needed or collected (even if you provide your email in the contact form, the email is never stored in the site’s database). In order to keep track of your preference for the site theme (dark or light, which you can set in the footer), I use a feature of browsers called “local storage”. Your preference is saved in the browser — it’s never used anywhere else, and it’s not a tracker of any kind.


The site does make use of Google Analytics for general, anonymous statistical data about user visits to the site. If you don’t want your visits to be gobbled up by the great Google machine, I totally understand. I’m looking into a plugin solution to give people the opt-out, but none of the ones I’ve tried so far are working. For now, I recommend EFF’s Privacy Badger. It’s a browser plugin that lets you monitor and block all sorts of trackers, and it’s free. I use it myself.